Project #154081 - Fabrics for the New Millennium

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/14/2016 11:30 pm

we begin to understand the fiber and fabric product development cycle in relation to trend formation. It is important to report on

newness in fabrics and trims, understanding that newness can come from a variety of inspirations.

Some of the newest innovations are happening in the area of technical and performance fabrics.

Do a keyword search of online sites and databases of trade publications and fashion magazines using the terms technical fabrics performance fabrics, smart textiles,

and wearable technology.

Trade sources such as Textile World, Womens Wear Daily and Apparel Magazine would be good sources for this search.

Answer the following questions using the information you gather in your search:

*What cultural shifts favor the development and use of technical and performance fabrics for streetwear?

*What novel properties will be in demand in the years to come?

*Will the engineered properties of these new high-tech fibers replace the popularity of natural fibers?

*Which technical and performance fabrics are currently used primarily for active sports? Are adventure sports textiles likely to make the jump to streetwear?

Type your answers on a paper to be turned in next week.

Include a Works Cited page to properly document your research



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