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Tutor Instructions:  Please read instructions to the end and complete assignment using the IRAC method.  Also please follow the references provided.  Use the 3 chapters attachment as references.

HR Issues Analysis
Your client, the CEO of Rags, Inc. wants you to consult on some employment problems she has recently been having.
Rags is an upscale clothing company with almost 50 employees. It hires people of all ancestries, but requires that all its employees be U.S. citizens.
Roberto, an immigrant from Italy, has a resident alien card (showing he is in the U.S. legally) applied for a position at Rags for which he was otherwise qualified, and was turned down based on lack of U.S. citizenship.
Two employees of Rags, Adrian, a first generation American of South African ancestry, and Tatania, a first generation American of Russian ancestry, complained that two co-workers of Mexican ancestry made abusive, derogatory remarks about them in Spanish. There was some dispute about what was said, since everyone else who overheard the exchange speaks little or no Spanish. As a result, Rags adopted an "English only" policy at the workplace. Carlos and Juan, the alleged harassers, complained that the English-language-only rule discriminated against them because of their national origin.
Matthew is the national sales manager for Rags. Several months ago, he was injured in a mountain-biking accident, resulting in permanent hearing loss, and a broken leg. The broken leg now requires months of physical therapy. Matthew wants Rags to hire an assistant for him to hear questions in the back of the room at sales presentations, and special equipment to type his reports.
There is a job opening at Rags for a maintenance person. This position requires someone who can move furniture, which requires upper body strength, mobility, and flexibility. Louise, a paraplegic with maintenance experience, has applied for the job.
Recently, after a wave of rumors began to cause complaints and absenteeism, two Rags employees disclosed certain medical conditions. Zeke admitted that he is HIV positive and is taking a cocktail of drugs to combat his condition. Ernie admitted that he is suffering from African swamp virus, which takes a very long time to cure. Other Rags employees refuse to work with or near either Zeke or Ernie, and state that they will quit if they are required to do so.
What Employment issues exist at Rags?
As always, do a complete IRAC analysis of the issues. Be sure to cite your references.
Cite a minimum of 3 scholarly references. Lawyer web sites are not scholarly references, nor are dictionaries or encyclopedias.
Use only approved references in your paper. A description of types of references that may not be used in this course can be found in the course Writing Guide.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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