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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/15/2016 01:00 pm

Develop two-page, APA formatted essay that includes the following: 1. An introduction to the essay. 2. Brief explanations of the difference between utilitarian, deontological and virtue-based approaches to ethics as presented by DesJardins and any other sources necessary to explain the differences. 3. A brief description of an ethical dilemma one might face in a business context, drawn from cases available from the Markula Center for Applied Ethics,, or from the Institute for Global Ethics, 4. Comparisons between how someone might address the scenario described depending upon being guided by a utilitarian, principle-based or virtue-based approach to ethics. Be specific as you develop these scenarios. For example, identify the particular virtues that you consider relevant to the situation. Alternatively, identify the likely consequences for all stakeholders when discussing the utilitarian perspective. Alternatively, identify the guiding principles when discussing the principle-based perspective. Support your argument with citations from DesJardins. 5. Produce a conclusion with a recommendation for a person faced with the dilemma you described, supported with specific reasons, thereby making a good argument (relying on Rules 1-10 in ARFA. You do not have to use all the rules, but refer to rulebook for help in justifying your argument.) 6. Provide an APA style citation list of references for your sources. 7. In-text references appropriately cited in APA style.


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