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How the activity is done

1.      Sourcing or creating one job advert


2.      Creating a Job Description and Person Specification OR a competency framework for the identified job


3.      Creating a candidate CV to apply for the job. Two CVs will be in the report, one from each student


4.      Creating the assessment criteria for the job



5.      Developing measures by which to assess the identified criteria



6.      Creating methods and/or interview questions to assess the criteria



7.      Conducting interview  - make offer/not offer decision




INTERVIEW Practical 8 minute interview

Conduct a 8 minute job interview using the tools you have developed (you will be both interviewer and candidate i.e. you will swap roles, so two interviews will be conducted)





1.          Sourcing or creating a job advert

For this part you can find an existing job advert placed on a job board, newspaper anywhere in the world, although it must be in English. Or you can create your own job advert. If you find an existing job advert naturally the more information that it provides will help you in developing the next requirement. Select a job that you could realistically apply for and therefore more able to hold a realistic interview.


Part of a Receptionist’s job advert says: The successful applicant will interact with many people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.


2.          Using the job advert as your primary source of information you are then required to create either:

A job description and person specification – identifying essential and desirable traits


A competency framework



A.          Job description: Required to meet and greet visitors to the organisation, collect accurate information from the  visitor, and inform the staff member that their visitor has arrived, ensure visitor comfortable whilst waiting

Person specification: Friendly person, who is able to engage positively with a wide range of people from different backgrounds

B.      Competency framework: Is focused on customer needs and provides high quality and consistent support


3.      Creating a candidate CV to apply for the job

To facilitate the interview it will be necessary for each student (as job candidates in the interview) to have a CV which can be used by the interviewer to form questions. The more this truly reflects yourself the easier it will be to participate in the interview.


Each candidate should write a CV to apply for the job advert that was created by the other student.

The CV should be tailored to demonstrate the candidate’s suitability for the position. The CV will be used by the interviewer as a basis for formulating questions during the interview.


4.      Analysing the job you will be able to identify the essential criteria for the job i.e. what must the person be able to do or what personal qualities must they have.

Example Assessment criteria:

  1. Demonstrates being able to quickly build a rapport
  2. Demonstrates an ability to interact with a diverse cultural mix
  3. Demonstrates putting the customer first

5.      Having identified the essential criteria, you now need to develop measures by which to assess the level that the candidate possesses the required skill, ability or quality. For each essential criterion you need to develop a measure to identify whether the candidate is providing a high or low quality evidence of their ability to perform the requirement. The interview (activity 7) will require that at least three criteria are assessed.


Criteria measures example for criteria A:

·       High – builds a quick rapport during the interview, able to provide compelling evidence of quickly engaging with people through variety of examples and considering different aspects about the person or context

·       Medium – builds limited rapport during the interview, provides limited volume of evidence of engaging with people

·      Low – builds no rapport during interview; can provide little or no evidence of interacting or engaging with people

6.      You now need to identify methods to collect data as to how well the candidate matches or exceeds your criteria. In an interview this will be most typically through asking questions.

Example Question to assess criteria A:

Tell me about when you meet someone new for the first time whether at work or socially, what do you do?


7.      Compare the candidate against the assessment criteria and make a decision as to whether to offer or not offer

Marks are not awarded for whether a candidate exceeds or fails to meet the criteria: the process is assessed, not the outcome.

Example:             Assessment: High - ‘Candidate was warm and engaging during interview. Gave excellent example of finding new employee in the work place looking lost on their first day, introduced them to work colleague who they knew personally. Rang up the person at the end of the week to check they were settling in well.’



Conduct your interview and collect the evidence

During the interview each interviewer will be expected to collect evidence for a minimum of three criteria

For example: Ask an open question in interview – ‘Tell me about when you meet someone new for the first time whether at work or socially, what do you do?’

And then ask follow-up questions if the answer doesn’t go far enough,

Perhaps for example – ‘So do you ever feel shy when you meet people for the first time?’ and take note of the response, considering whether that helps you understand this candidate better.






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