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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/18/2016 12:00 am

Create a case study in which someone is required to make a decision that has both ethical and legal ramifications that may be contradict each other.  Provide a response to your own case study in which you answer the ethical questions provided..


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Rubric/Write Your Own Case Study Assignment

Form (10%)=Assignment is written in 12pt Times New Roman Font and is double-spaced.  Any tables or outlines are formatted in APA style and all headings follow APA rules.

Focus (10%)= The assignment is focuses on writing a case study and provides a response.

Content/Analysis (50%)=The case study represents an ethical dilemma and the student provides a realistic response.  The student analyses the ethical and legal ramifications of the case study. The assignment reveals thoughtful analysis and critical thinking.

Style/Organization (20%)=The paper meets expectations of graduate level writing: it is clear, concise and engaging. The organizational structure is easy to follow and fits the topic. The vocabulary is appropriate for educators and key terms that are education specific are utilized and defined as needed.

Grammar/Mechanics (10%)= The student has proofread and edited this assignment. The writing contains no spelling or grammar errors. All sentences are of the appropriate structure and length for graduate writing.



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