Project #154323 - Interpersonal Violence

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In a 10 page paper, identify and discuss the dynamics of male female interpersonal violence and those systems and/or agencies that are set-up to respond it. In your analysis, include your response to the statements and/or questions below. The goal of this assignment is to allow you an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge ad understanding of the problem and to assess the effectiveness of how the problem is being addressed.

1. Introduction 

  - What is meant by interpersonal violence in male female relationship? (Include in the definition the various type of interpersonal violence?)

 - How prevalent is it?

 - While the literature tends to focus on male perpetrators of interpersonal violence, what is known about female perpetrators? 

2. What role do cultural norms, race and ethnicity play in understanding this problem?

3. What role do religious teachings play in understanding and addressing this problem?

4. What is the status of resources for victims and perpetrators within the communities where they live?

5. What myths appear to influence ways in which male female interpersonal violence is addressed?

6. Describe and analyze the response of at least three systems to the problem. For example:

- The criminal justice system (restraining orders e.t.c)

- The health care system (screening, medical treatment, therapy, Etc)

- The public and/or private social services agencies(screening, therapy, etc)



7. Do you think that the responses to the problem are effective? what would you change, if anything? 


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