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Discussion 3

 With a person who will agree to role-play a client with you, practice conducting a concise social history interview using the Wildwood Case Management Unit Intake Assessment Form in Appendix A of the Summers book. After completing this activity, describe in your discussion what this experience was like (i.e., what was easy, what was hard, what did you learn, were there topics that were hard to discuss?). Do not include any identifying information in your posting of the individual interviewed. Remember this is a role play.


discussion 4

Using your role-played client’s list of strengths and needs from the previous posting (in which you conducted the social history), outline a service plan which identifies (a) goals and (b)objectives concerning appropriate resources within your community that the client may be linked with to meet the goals. The Connections web page (see Other Readings above) may also be helpful in identifying services if you are unfamiliar with services in your community. Notably, the Treatment or Goal Plan in the Appendix of the Summers text book can help as serving as a template of your plan. Finally, discuss in your posting what you have learned in doing this exercise. 



discussion 5

Utilizing one of the case studies in the book, identify at least one ethical issue and one cultural consideration that would inform your assessment and recommendations when working with this individual. Be sure to note what page of the book your case study came from so that classmates can reference the case when responding to your post.

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Summers, N. (2015). Fundamentals of case management practice: Skills for the human    
            services (5th Ed.).
 Centage Learning: Boston, MA.


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