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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/17/2016 12:00 am


Purpose: This assignment is your opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply sociological terms, concepts and theories to better understand the world around us.


Groups: This is a partner assignment. You will work with one other person in the class. There is one paper and one presentation that the group will produce collectively.


Topic: Decide on a social problem to sociologically analyze. Use the questions below to apply the sociological perspective to your question or topic:


Guideline Questions:


  1. What is your social problem? Why did you choose this particular social problem?

  2. Find evidence for and explain how it fits the sociological definition of a social problem (use academic/government sources).

  3. What sociological terms, concepts or theories from our course materials can you use to help you sociological understand your social problem? (at least 2)

  4. Find at least two examples of sociological research that addresses your social problem:

    • In general, how did the researchers investigate the social problem?

    • What did they find?

    • What are the implications of their findings?

  5. How does sociology help us better understand the social world we live in?


Rough Draft: A rough draft of your paper is due on 11/22. As a group, you will produce one collective rough draft. The draft must be typed and each member of your group will bring their own copy of the draft. The draft needs to include some elements of APA format and be at least 4 pages in length.


Final Paper: Your paper needs to be written in APA format and 7-8 pages in length. Focus most of your attention to addressing points 3-4. It is worth 100 points and due in class on 12/8. I will not accept late assignments. The research you use to address point #4 must come from peer-reviewed, academic journals.

I want only 4 pages

written about POVERTY AND RACE



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