Project #154454 - Salesforce Segmentation Paper - Analysis and Responses to 5 Questions

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/17/2016 08:00 am

Read the attached article and answer the 5 questions listed below. This is for a Sales course, so analysis should be tailored accordingly. 

Responses to questions should be detailed and should be analytical (especially question 5). The responses should not be purely repeated facts from the article.

Total work should be a minumum of 4 pages. 

1. How was the Hill-Rom sales force organized prior to the reorganization?

2. How did Hill-Rom segment its customers before the reorganization?

3. What disconnect did the project team discover in sales resource allocation?

4. How did it segment its customers as a result of its study?

5. (PRIMARY question): What are the advantages of the new approach? What are the risks of the new approach?


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