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Sullivan Section 10.1, Exercise 44 (page 436) -- 3 pts

44. The following is a quotation from Sir Ronald A. Fisher, a famous statistician.

For the logical fallacy of believing that a hypothesis has been proved true, merely because it is not contradicted by the available facts, has no more right to insinuate itself in statistics than in other kinds of scientific reasoning.… It would, therefore, add greatly to the clarity with which the tests of significance are regarded if it were generally understood that tests of significance, when used accurately, are capable of rejecting or invalidating hypotheses, in so far as they are contradicted by the data; but that they are never capable of establishing them as certainly true.…

In your own words, explain what this quotation means.

Sullivan Section 10.2, Exercise 42 (page 448) -- 3 pts

42. Explain what a P-value is. What is the criterion for rejecting the null hypothesis using the P-value approach?

Sullivan Section 10.3, Exercise 12 (page 455) -- 4 pts

12. You Explain It! Are Women Getting Taller? In 1990, the mean height of women 20 years of age or older was 63.7 inches based on data obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advance Data Report, No. 347. Suppose that a random sample of 45 women who are 20 years of age or older today results in a mean height of 63.9 inches.

  • (a) State the appropriate null and alternative hypotheses to assess whether women are taller today.

  • (b) Suppose the P-value for this test is 0.35. Explain what this value represents.

  • (c) Write a conclusion for this hypothesis test assuming an α = 0.10  level of significance.



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