Project #154558 - Biography Analysis of an Influential Woman in Society

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You must write a critical social-historical sketch of an important woman in society whose career, activism, actions or business has contributed to changes in how gender is changing in our society. Consider the contributions this individual has made. The biographical analysis should represent more than a personality profile. It should include material pertaining to 1) symbolic meaning/representation of this individual has or had in the world in regards to any concepts of sexuality, power, gender roles, gender identity, femininity, wealth (or others); 2) social and historical context  which this person’s contributions make sense; 3) long and short term impact of this person’s contributions/actions/behaviors and; 4) why you think this person is significant;.5) connect any sociological theory to assist with understanding their influence and  impact to society.   Paper length requirement is 5 to 6 pages, double-spaced, 12 inch font Times Roman with ASA style margins (left 1.25 inch and right 1.0 inch).
ASA style citation style required. For a tip sheet on ASA style, see course menu link “ Important Information for Students”. Also visit American Sociological Association for web sources in ASA style style. Grading rubric for paper at the end of syllabus.


Paper to include the follow headings. 

Introduction - explain who and what the paper is about.

Discussion - include how this woman’s influence contributes to ideas of gender changing in society, provide her background, accomplishments, failures and future endeavors 

Conclusion - connect sociological theory to understanding their influence.

References - ASA style for in-text and reference section


A few suggested women. .

Malala Yousafzai Diana, Princess of Wales Hillary Clinton

Ellen DeGeneres Suze Orman Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Sarah Palin Angelina Jolie Whoopi Goldberg

Madonna Beyoncé



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