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For your final writing assirnment for The Circsair, you will need to write a dree-four paragraph esay one ofthe following topics. In the essay. you'll need to refer to something specific in The Circuit support your opinion. First draft (10 second draft C10 points) Nov 22 Final draft Go points): Dec. 6 no late papers will be accepted.) Topic 1: In The Circuit, Francisco Jimmnez describes how growing up in a migrant family adversely affected his education. Beeause the family moved so often, he frequently missed school or had to start the school year late. Describe the effects on the education of children who grow up in migrant families. Use at least one example from the book (and cite the page), and feel free to include personal experience. Topic 2: In The Circuit, Francisco Jimenez describes his family's fear of la migra, "the Border Patrol because he and his brother, Roberto, were bom in Mexico and did not have documents. Should undocumented children automatically receive the same benefits as citizens and residents at least until they turn 18? Why or why not? Justify your opinion with reasons, examples from the book and facts or personal experiences, Topic 3: Francisco Jimenez describes the conditions of extreme poverty in The crcuit the family has move often, they usually live in a tent or shack that has a dirt floor, and they even had to of the trash. Describe the effects of poverty and suggest a solution for those living in such poor conditions outline: and explain your opinion in a clear thesis statement. Paragraph 1 Introduce your topic Paragraph 2-3: Explain the examples, facts, and experiences to support the reasons you have given in the topic sentences. you may be describing effects (topic 1), reasoas (topic 2) or problems and solutions ( topic 3). One idea for each paragraph. and add a comment such Paragraph 3 or 4: Conclude by restating the thesis statement in different words, as a prediction or suggestion.


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