Project #154566 - Muhammad Ayoob. The Many Faces of Political Islam

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/19/2016 04:00 pm

 this is a book i have to write about please make it look like i have read the book follow all of her orders and please make it look like i read the book. 

this is the book name:

Muhammad Ayoob. The Many Faces of Political Islam 


  • Briefly introduce your book in the introductory paragraphs.
  • In the rest of the paper discuss the most interesting lessons/insights that you have learned from your reading. This does not mean “summarize” the book; rather your paper must focus on a specific historical event or issue. Do not spend too much time on historical narrative. In other words, your paper must have a specific focus and you should refrain from writing a simple chronology of events.
  • References to relevant material (from lectures, current events, or your novel) are highly recommended. 
  • Feel free to use additional scholarly sources, but it is not required.  
  • I am interested in learning about your thoughtful opinions and responses.     



  • Use the past tense to discuss past events. Use the present tense to discuss your book.
  • Your essay must be four double-spaced pages long in 12 pt. font.
  • Your margins must be set at one inch.
  • Do not justify your right margins.
  • Page numbers are required.
  • A title page is required.
  • You must staple your paper.  
  • Up to two short direct quotations allowed
  • Spell-check and edit and edit.
  • Citations:

      A bibliography is required.    

            No footnotes are required; instead, simply cite your source in the body of the                 

            text. For example, for first citation: (Keddie, Modern Iran, 65).  Subsequent  

            citations:  (Keddie, 90).  



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