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Final Project: A Long Way Home Directions: Choose one of the topics below to write a 3-4 paragraph essay (of about 350 words) on. Be sure to include quotes and paraphrases from the book, A Long Way Home. Cite the book using proper MLA format. Topic 1: In A Long Way Home, by Saroo Brierley, poverty played a big role in the outcome of Saroo's life; of poverty, he and his brother had to scavcnge for food, resulting in Guddu's death and Saroo's getting lost. Explain the effects of poverty and suggest a solution. Topic 2: Long Home, Saroo Brierley describes how he used Google Earth to search for his home In A about his after being away for 25 years. He also used Facebook to learn more hometown. Explain the benefits of modern technology. Topic 3: In A Long Way Home, Saroo Breirley spent about five years searching for his home and was finally rewarded because his mother had never given up hope, and as a result, she still lived in the same house. This is an example of the power of persistence. Explain how important it for to in goals of obstacles they face.


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