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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/24/2016 12:00 am

Plagiarism rate: 25% and below

Filed saved in this format: Name.docx (Content page + Entire report + Reference list) in one file

Word Limitation : 2500 - 3000 words (+/-)

Citation Format : APA References (min 10)

You are required to prepare a market cultural report on a country of your choosing. You are to provide insights on the cultural of the host market, how it is different from your own country (SINGAPORE), and highlight what cultural factors to take note of when doing business in that country.

*Please take note: Please compare your chosen country with Singapore in Part 3. and Part 4. only.

*Do not use Malaysia as the host/chosen country

Develop an eight to ten pages report covering:


1. The rationale for your country of choice. This could be related to your business (your work), your studies (further education). your family (relatives residing), or personal reasons (honeymoon, holiday, retirement, etc). - Intoduction of chosen country and why you choose the country (please talk more in this section for higher grading) - 1 full page 


2. A detailed Cultural analysis of the host country. Showcase and explain some unique cultural components of your chosen host country. - Choose and use only (5) from the 8 elements of culture list:- 2.1 Values & Attitudes, 2.2 Manners & Customs, 2.3 Social Structure, 2.4 Religion, 2.5 Personal Communication, 2.6 Education, 2.7 Physical Environments, 2.8 Aesthetics. - focus area


3. Highlight the business culture of the host country, and how it differs from Singapore - .(3) Business culture of the host country and compare each point seperately with Singapore. (Do not lump each country together) And explain how should you change Singapore's managing and business style to suit the the host country (1 or 2 sentences will do)


4. Using Hofstede's cultural dimensions, explain what foreign companies need to consider in order to operate effectively in the chosen host country.- Compare host country and Singapore using the Hofstede's Five (5) Dimensions of Culture: 4.1 Individualism vs. Collectivism, 4.2 Power Distance, 4.3 Uncertainty Avoidance, 4.4 Achievement vs. Nurturing, 4.5 Long-term Orientation. Include a comparision graph using > (make sure to click on a comparision country with Singapore) - No need to talk about Indulgence.


5. Conclusions


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