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Purpose of General Education 

General education requirements is vitally important to every students, because general education help prepare students for the unknown and this should erase the thought, “why student should be required to take general education courses.” Regardless, once a student do some discovering, this should enhance their critical thinking as well. And out of all the cultural diversity, general education will help students view the different as well as the variety of human societies or cultures. Every student should be required to take general education courses which “are a collection of credits required by all majors for a degree.” (Seraphin, 2013).

The three reasons why every student should be required to take general education courses is Math, that help grow a vital necessary understanding magnitude of arithmetic, while expanding key critical thinking and problem solving that will develop your mental skill, analytical or logical thinking that will also help with contrasting, evaluating and selecting. 

Second, English help our communications skills that will develop a more efficacious and prolific written communication that would help the students organize effectively and acceptable in every areas. 

Third, communications help the students with strategies and processes within our communications with additional development, that the students written and spoken communications skills will be able to use language effectively.  

What I have learn in these classes is an incorporation of daily life and mandatory required courses that helps me not only think outside of the box, but enable me to get out of the box and live. Also, I see strategies in a different perspective that help my critical thinking as well.



   What is the purpose of taking general classes for a college degree? (Dowd, 2015).  General education courses compliment the specialized courses of your major by teaching fundamental skills.  Every student needs to take some general educational courses, because they offer added value to what your major course of study is.  General education courses will improve your learning outcome (Sepharin, n.d.).  Although some students may even take the general education courses for granted, and might view them as having less value at a moment in time as compared to their major course of study, general courses are important because they enhance your learning skills. 

     Reflecting back on some of the valuable general education courses that has help expand my skill-sets and educational experiences throughout my educational journey, one course that comes to my mind is SOC 120: Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility course, it has encourage me to look inward at one’s own behaviors before judging others and to analyze different social situations with having more considerations for other people feelings and emotions when responding to other people from the same culture as you and/or from different cultures and backgrounds (Dowd, 2015).     

     PHI 208: Ethics & Moral Reasoning, this general course has helped me with applying ethical and integrity standards during all of my daily business activities and in everyday life, as well.    Incorporating a level of honesty and respect for others is priceless in the real world (Dowd, 2015).


     COM 200: Interpersonal Communication, no matter which field of study that a student decides to take as a career path this course can help students learn how to improve their communication skills (Dowd, 2015).  Learning how to be an effective communicator will help students with getting their message across with a more meaningful impact to the people that are listening. This general education course has help me with overcoming the interpersonal barriers that contributed to hindering the exchanges of information and the sharing of ideas in the real world.


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