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Case Problem "Construction Project"


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Please read Quantitative Analysis for Management, 12e, Render, Stair, Hanna, Hale, 2015 Pearson Education, Chapter 3: Decision Analysis, Problem 3-40 (pp. 105-106) Attached


Prepare a Managerial Report structured as follows:


"Should Bill build a duplex, a quadplex, or do nothing"

2.1 Structure and present your paper in the form of a Managerial Report, with a cover page, table of content, executive summary, main body, appendixes.
2.2 Prepare a payoff table and develop a decision tree. SAMPLE ATTACHED
2.3 Based on the calculated EMVs for all decision alternatives, answer the question: "Should Bill build a duplex, a quadplex, or do nothing"

2.4 Apply software tools for the decision tree (recommended tool: MS Excel Add-Ins TreePlan {}).



Expected length of Assignment 2: up to 4 pages APA format, excluding cover page, table of content, and appendixes.  


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