Project #154726 - human sexuality paper (3 pages)

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3 pages Research Paper

Step 1: Find and identify a sexuality-related claim/statement/idea in some form of popular mass media

Find sexuality-related information presented in a form of popular (i.e., non-academic, non-scientific) mass media.  This can include magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, TV shows, movies, novels and short stories, and even statements made by public figures (celebrities, politicians, etc.). 

Step 2: Find scientific sources to investigate the claim

Consider what kinds of research could be utilized to evaluate the claim made in the media you’ve chosen (how could a research study prove or disprove the claim scientifically?).


Step 3: Write a paper discussing the scientific merits of the sexuality-related claim put forth in the media you’ve chosen. 

at least 3 pages paper (the abstract and reference pages are not included in the 3 pages)

First briefly describe the media you’ve selected and the claim that is being made. Next, thoroughly describe the methodology of the research study in your journal article. Things to consider:

- What is the design of the study (experimental, observational, survey etc.)?

- Who were the participants in the study?  How were they selected to participate?

- What variables were measured? How were they measured (e.g., observational measurements, self-report, etc.)?

- Was any special equipment/apparatus used?

Next, discuss the results of the study and your conclusions. 

         - What were the results of the study?

- Are there any limitations of the research methodology that detract from the conclusions you can draw from the results? (this includes, but is not limited to: the limitations inherent in specific research designs, small samples, non-representative samples, flaws in the research design, and relevant variables that were not included in the research).


- Finally, what are your conclusions about the validity of the claim you investigated? Is there truth to it? Was the truth misrepresented in any way?




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