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Final Research Paper (Project #5)


The final project for this class involves you writing a Research Paper that is the culmination of the second half of the semester. By now, you have proposed a topic and conducted your research with the bibliography. Now you must begin writing!




1.     Introduce the topic and engage the reader’s interest. What is your thesis?


2.     Provide some background information and context that clearly explains the central question or issue. Be sure to also define your keywords and concepts.  


3.     Describe how you found answers to your research question or issue (for example, a possible methods section).


4.     Describe the information that you found by doing research.


5.     Explain what you have found. What did you discover? You can also describe the limitations of your work. In other words, what do you still need to know?




·      Must 8 pages in length in proper MLA format (double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman)


·      Must utilize at least 6 sources (ideally, the research collected in your Annotated Bibliography) in a properly formatted Works Cited page.


·      Must include a thesis statement that answers a research question and uses your collected research to explain your results or make an argument.


·      Must be relatively free of errors (grammar, punctuation, mechanics, etc.)


·      Must include a clear introduction and conclusion.



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