Project #154747 - Assited Suicide & Euthanasia

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Write a research paper about eutanasia and assisted suicide. 

Key Topic:

Should be legalized the right of dying patients to determine their death time?

You must develop a thesis in an organized way, and suppoer your ideas with facts/qutes/ideas from reliable sources.

The titacions should be in MLA style


Sources you should use for this paper:

  1. Read: A Crime of Compassion" Essay by Barbara Hutmann (Could be use in the Introduction of your job)
  2. Article: "Individual Shoul have a Leagal Right to Choose Death" by Thomas A. Bowden.
  3. Article: "The Promised End" by George J. Annas
  4. Article: "Physiscian-Assisted Suicide" by Steven A> King.
  5. Book: The future of assisted suicide and euthanasia, by Gorsuch, Neil M. (Neil MacGill), 2006.
  6. Choose one article from New Yorker Magazine, about this topic.

These Sources must appear on your cited list.

New time rome, size 12. a least 4 paragraphs and introduction and conclussion.

One of those paragraph should be your own argumens about the topic.


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