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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/17/2016 11:00 pm

Read a 10 Page article (Which i will provide) and write a 1 and a half page analysis response. Double Spaced

"This is an open forum discussion. Your case study analysis may reference the possible areas of discussion (below). Attempt to relay two external citations (journals, news, etc.) Be specific. Reference excerpts from the case and summarize and critique the main ideas. Be a critique. Be original. Requirements: Use at least one citation from the article. Use two external citations (news, journals, etc.) MLA or APA format required. Focus on summarizing the main points of the article. Utilize the recommended format to substantiate your summary with supporting facts and individual analysis. When referring to the article, you must paraphrase or cite the sources properly. Utilize the following format: Possible Areas of Analysis for Discussion ï‚· Major Issues related to the topic ï‚· Compare/Contrast Qualitative theories and Quantitative tools from the book. (Global Sourcing, HR Strategy, etc.) ï‚· Benefits and Opportunities ï‚· Constraints and Risk Factors o ï‚· Analysis of Trends: Do they work? Why? Why Not? ï‚· Recommendations ï‚· Conclusion."


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