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Dear wtiter, 

You will find attached instructions on how to complete this assignment. Please follow the istructions carefully and make sure that all the requirements are meant. This assignment is for a course that allows students to be exposed to the world of business. That being said, please approach the assignment in that sense. You will find all the instructions in the document I will be attaching. If there is something you dont understand, IMPROVISE. In the first  subheading of the second point, there is something about the The Wall Street Journal. This is something you will have to include in the essay. So, if you dont have now knowledge about the journal make sure to research about it (looking for a summary is a good idea). In the second subheading of the second point, there is something mentioned about the student team company research. This is a research our group conducted about Airbnb. We basically talked about how the company runs, operates, develops, etc. So, make sure to talk about it in detail in the paper. Again, just IMPROVISE if you are not quite percise about it. On the same subheading, you will see that you have to talk about the team film review assignment which our group also conducted. The films mentioned in that assignment are: Boiler Room” (2000) Glengarry Glen Ross” (1992)”Wall Street” (1987). Again, make sure to mention them. You can gain info from those films by looking at short summaries. For the final part of the paper, you would have to creat a resume. I will leave that to your creativity...

The most important thing is for you to follow everything mentioned in the instructions paper with great detail. Please dont leave out anything and make sure to have the right amount of pages needed. 

Best of luck!


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