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Reasoning Warm Up Exercise Week #5

Consider the following two passages carefully.  Listed beneath each passage are three fallacies of relevance. Choose which fallacy you think the passage is an example of and briefly defend your choice (a sentence or two should do). Then, briefly explain why the others two are not correct.

1. A national organization called, “in Defense of Animals” registered protest, in 1996, against alleged cruelty to animals being sold live or slaughtered in Chinese markets in San Francisco.  Patricia Briggs, who brought the complaint to the city’s Animal Welfare Commission said: “The time of the crustaceans is coming.  You’d think people wouldn’t care about lobsters, because they aren’t cuddly and fuzzy and they have these vacant looks and they don’t vocalize.  But you’d be surprised how many people care.”  To which response was given by Astella Kung, proprietor of Ming Kee Game Birds, where fowl are sold live: “How about the homeless people?  Why don’t the animal people use their energy to care for those people?  They have no homes! They are hungry!  --“Cuisine Raises Debate on Cruelty and Culture,” New York Times, 25 August 1996.

Appeal to force

Appeal to inappropriate authority

Missing the point

2. According to R. Gunberger, author of A Social History of the Third Reich, Nazi publishers used to send the following notice to German readers who let their subscriptions lapse: “Our paper certainly deserves the support of every German.  We shall continue to forward copies of it to you, and hope that you will not what to expose yourself to unfortunate consequences in the case of cancellation.”

Appeal to pity

Appeal to inappropriate authority

Appeal to force


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