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Plagiarism rate: 25% and below


Filed saved in this format: Name.docx (Entire report + Reference List) in one file


Word Limitation : 1500 words (+/-)


Citation Format : APA References (min 6)


Assignment subject: You are appointed a Project Manager in charge of organising and planning a project. Select one of the project title below:


A 1 day exhibition for a company.

A 1 day seminar or meeting for foreign guest(s) to a company.

A 1 day sports (indoor/outdoor) tournament for a company

To send 10 internal employees for a 1 day training/seminar

To manage moving the company to another location or renovate a unit in a company.

Develop the project plan of your chosen project based on the following:




Introduction of the company (1 to 2 sentences will do) and project (description of the chosen project) (150 words)


Project Scope statement (6 items lists: 2.1 project objective, 2.2 Deliverables, 2.3 Milestones, 2.4 technical requirement, 2.5 limits and exclusions and 2.6 customer review) (450words)


Establish Project Priorities (scope, time and cost) Justify the priority matrix via constrain, enhance and accept. (225 words) - Please include a "Project Priority Matrix Table" (refer to file attached)


Create the Work Breakdown Structure (explain the work packages) (450 words)


Cost Estimation (including a time phased budget) (225words) - Please include a "Time-Phased Budget Graph" (refer to file attached)


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