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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/23/2016 12:00 am

10 to 12 slides

Because this type of project is delivered to an audience, ensure you select a topic that will (1) capture the attention of your listeners, (2) lend itself easily to an engaging class discussion following your presentation (3) and is relevant to your major if possible.


·      Think about any issues related to the content of the track, which you can discuss with your peers.

·      Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on your listening.  This should contain:—

o   An intro. slide with your name, pres. title, and date

o   An outline of your presentation

o   A segment of the clip and a summary in bullet-point form if needed

o   Your critical evaluation of the content, employing one of the two critical thinking tools as outlined in bullet-point form (you must use different critical thinking tools for each ILP this term)

o   Questions and/or matters arising for discussion

o   A feedback slide

·      Deliver the presentation

·      Chair a discussion with the class concerning the questions and/or matters arising from the content of the track

·      Present your conclusion, which should summarize the presentation and provide recommendations/solutions and your opinion regarding the issue




·      Relation to Personal Experience:  How does this ILP relate to you and/or a personal experience and/or something you have watched or listened to before?  Explain how it changes or deepens your thinking on the subject.  What new thoughts does it bring to light?


·      Strike up an Argument: Oftentimes news shows and documentaries portray several points of view of an issue.  Identify the different sides of the debate.  What are their supporting arguments?  What evidence do they use to defend their respective points of view?  Can you identify any flaws with that evidence?  Sometimes a news show ignores a certain point of view.  If so, describe which perspective is left out.  Finally, take a side.  Which point of view do you agree with and why?  Bring up points that the other side would argue and try to refute them.  Explain why you still uphold your perspective despite the counterargument.


·      Identify the Issue: Many TV shows and news broadcasts deal with particular societal or social issues.  Pinpoint one of the issues that attracts you.  What are the root causes of this issue?  What factors contribute to the problem or complicate it?  What perpetuates it further?  Delve into the issue.  What are potential solutions?


*notes: I need notes on the side, to read for each slide    


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