Project #154885 - Employee retention and management style at Amazon

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/19/2016 08:00 pm

I need you to read the Amazon Case Study (attachment) and work on answering the followoing questions. MAKE SURE you input good details and also BE VERY specific.


Questions you need to answer:

1.      * Leadership style at Amazon – what it is, what it’s based on, does it work, why it works (or doesn’t).. YOU can incorporate the “principles” of Amazon, included at the end of the case study in this.  It explains their current leadership style.  


*Comparison with some other companies (similar industries).  Case study touches on this a little…Facebook, google are good examples.  Let’s do some research on these two companies and see what you can come up with… doing a search on “leadership style” “employee retention”, “employee benefits”.. things like that at these two companies. 




This is where you can suggest solutions, now that you’ve identified a problem in the previous section.  Research for the topic of employee retention, and how it can be solved/remedied.  And let’s tie that to Amazon, and how they can adopt these solutions, while still keeping to their core values, and ideas that fuel their growth and progress.  This change would require a change in leadership style, so you can touch on that too, and explain what leadership style would need to be adopted to make this change successful.  


I made outline/guildeline so please follow those steps above and and answer ALL the questions. 


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