Project #154889 - Motivating Employees Toward Success: A Case Study

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This unit examines techniques that will allow you to motivate your employees. You will look at measures that have been used toward your own development that you recognize as being successful. You will also look at a cost-efficient approach toward motivating employees with letters of commendation. This is a wonderful way to build a positive camaraderie within your institution.

Example: Assume you are a first line supervisor in the Social Security Administration and that Richard is your employee. You have watched Richard’s performance and you have learned to trust him. You routinely delegate to him and have more recently, encouraged his own self-empowerment. You know that your subordinate (Richard) has completed tasks without being directed to do so. He has shown fantastic personal initiative and developed a program that saved the department time, money, effort, and human resources.

You are very impressed. You appreciate Richard’s performance and would like to replicate his behavior throughout the organization. You have weighed the environment in which you work. You looked at all the political arena and the different personalities at play and decided that you would write a letter of commendation for Richard on the agency letterhead.

Your supervisor, Lynn, is a big believer in empowerment and high performance. You prepare the letter and then contact Lynn and ask her to honor your unit by coming to a luncheon or a gathering to present the letter to Richard.

She reads the letter of commendation agrees to present the letter at the at the recognition luncheon.

The luncheon is attended by everyone in the department and your supervisor completes the presentation.

Now, examine what has just occurred. The unit is voicing the excitement that someone has been so recognized by a department head. Lynn is able to reflect on the success of your department to her superiors. She receives praise for the outstanding work being achieved in her section. Richard has received sincere personal professional recognition by a high level official.

You did not take a cheap glory 15 minutes of fame, but passed it to your superior Lynn. Richard’s colleagues all want to receive such an accolade and start to improve their work proficiency.

Richard appreciates your sincere recognition and increases his employee commitment. You have just indirectly told Lynn exactly what your department has been doing and now she is being identified for more successful higher level appointments by her superiors.

If Lynn moves up the organizational ladder, you have proven your trust and would certainly be a key candidate to move up with her. This not only builds motivation, but builds leadership. Remember, it has been said that leadership is not about what you do, but what you cause others to do

This did not cost much money. Many times organizations function poorly because employees feel there is no administrative justice. They may feel the wrong people are recognized. They may feel the organization just does not have money to reward employees. Some feel that salary is enough and that employees should be grateful for a job. Poor unit performance can often be linked directly to such issues but most often a simple lack of recognition. Is this scenario Richard should be permitted and encouraged to hang the letter in his office. This becomes a long term motivator for all to see.

Discussion Question: Your Turn!

Thomas has served your organization as your subordinate for many years. He has reached a point where he simply comes to work and does his time. His work was previously excellent but now it is typically filled with errors. The pay has been normal with the standard 5% increase each year. Rumors have been circulating that no one is ever fairly compensated for their initiative or hard work. The culture of the organization has been reduced to one of force and intimidation. What actions would you take to bring about a positive culture in the organization and especially in your department?
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