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Each question needs to be answered in at least 150 words


  1. We think of the “traditional family” as husband, wife, and two kids, with the wife staying home to raise the kids. Yet, this family pattern has not been the norm for most societies or for most of U.S. history. Why do we call this the traditional family? What benefits and costs are associated with this type of family?

  2. Explain why romantic love is considered a poor reason for marriage in cultures that support arranged marriages. After considering this explanation, do you think romantic love is a good reason to marry? Why or why not? Why is romantic love so prominent in American culture?

  3. Think about laissez-faire capitalism and communism as opposite end points on a continuum. Why are these opposites? What economic systems are somewhere in between these two extremes? What kind of economy does the United States have? How does this affect our way of life?

  4. Think about who makes decisions and rules in society. Do you agree with Mills and Domhoff that there is a power-elite behind the scenes, or do you think we all have an equal say in government policy? How does the idea of a power-elite mesh or conflict with our ideas of democracy?

  5. How could you use your understanding of sociology in your work or personal life to improve your relationship with others?



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