Project #154909 - Economics Research Paper

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/21/2016 12:00 pm

Reference and develop a key economic principle or model, with a business application.

4 pages single spaced, rely on at least 5 bibliographical sources

Topic: Green economy

Figure out whether something is green or not can impact the demand for the product.


Talk about relative prices, relative demands, and long term vs. short term.


Recall the interview with Whole Foods CEO John Mackey when he talked about thinking about society as a whole impacting the bottom line.



The recent years have witnessed a phenomenal change in consumer’s behavior towards green products in the US. Consumers are often assumed to be more highly involved when choosing "green" than "conventional" products. The terms “green” or “sustainable” often refer to products, services or practices that allow for economic development while conserving for future generations (cite). Green products selection involves making trade-offs between multiple environmental impacts that is usually deemed detrimental to earth. The objective of this paper is to explore and evaluate whether choosing green products actually make so much differences on how consumers make their choices. We are going to explore the economics behind green products and its market and how it impacts the whole market as a whole. To measure the green economy, it is possible to measure the presence of green jobs, green markets, and investment in green industries (cite).





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