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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/10/2016 12:00 am

You are to develop a Career Folder for yourself.
It is due by the last day of Class 13.
Use the instructions below to develop your 3-part Career Folder. When you are ready to submit your Career Folder click on the words “Career Folder Assignment” in Course Materials, and submit your Career Folder as an Attachment.

1. Part 1 of your Career Folder.
Personal characteristics that you have identified as areas of strengths or limitations.
This must be a well-developed ONE page paper that demonstrates your awareness of not only your characteristics but how you believe these characteristics contribute to being a strength or limitation for you.
2. Part 2 of your Career Folder.

Development of an individual life plan.
Where do you see yourself as being, both personally and for your career in five years.  Once you have established this, develop a plan for how you hope to reach your goals.
This will also be one page.
3. Part 3 of your Career Folder.
Essay of Self Awareness:
This is a two page paper which will incorporate what you have learned and interpreted about yourself using the various self-assessment tools you have learned from the course.
It will be a paper showing what you feel is your growth, awareness and flexibility of thought concerning the world of work and your life.

4. There are four (4) pages total in the completed career folder.
Each part of your Career Folder should be separated from the other parts in order to clearly identify the separate parts of your Career Folder.
5. You must prepare and submit your Career Folder in APA style, citing and referencing work from the text and other professional sources to support your paper.  For example when you develop a plan for how to reach your goals, use the text or other source to explain how you develop a goal plan.
The career folder will be submitted to me in the Course Materials area of BLACKBOARD as an attachment by clicking on the words "Career Folder Assignment", then submitting your career folder as an Attachment.
Helpful tips for successfully completing your Career Folder:
This material will focus on the career folder.  Take your time and read the instructions in the syllabus carefully.  Make sure you understand each part and make sure that you do each part.  Write down on a piece of paper all the parts of the folder and check them off as you do them.
Below you will find some helpful hints for two of the parts of the folder.
A significant item in your Career Folder will be your detailed discussion of your areas of strengths and limitations. These will be based upon your personal knowledge of yourself, what you know about how others observe you, what you learn about yourself from Keirsey Temperament Sorter at the link below, and upon the various self-awareness assignments that you have completed in this course. I am including a link for you to go to help you judge and refine your temperament type. I think this will prove very useful for you.
When you go to this next site, I think you will find it interesting to take the free, short personality test.
The last site I am directing you to is When you get to the site, go to Majors and Careers. Once there click on Career Quiz. I did this myself and found it insightful.
Your paper should be an in depth self-analysis. It does NOT include personal information that you would not want other class members to see. It DOES take the form of a narrative (story) about you. What have you discovered, how does this help you, etc? This must be fact based however; it should also show some creativity in the presentation.
It is not to be two or three general paragraphs nor a reiteration of the personality quizzes as they appear in the text or the links.
Your goal is to make me aware of how this course and these assignments in specific have opened and/or changed your awareness of yourself and your work and social style


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