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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/25/2016 12:00 am

Please answer the following with as much specificity but brevity as possible; that means specific reasons (no generalities or ambiguities but keep it brief):

1) In 2004 when Bush was reelected and GOP kept Congress, some were suggesting it was the death of the Democratic Party.  Then in 2008, the same was said of the Republicans.  Many believed that if Hillary won the election this year it would have been impossible for any Republican to capture the White House afterwards due to demographic shifts.  Trump surprised everyone by beating the Bushes then Clintons as an outsider and someone his own political party didn't even want.  He won states that no Republican had won since Reagan and Bush Sr. in '84 & '88.  Provide some of your own commentary about anything you deem pertinent with our two-party system, current political parties, relevance/significance, any issues/corruption (e.g. leaks about the DNC helping Hillary over Bernie Sanders, etc.) 

2) Do an online search and find three different interest groups that focus on an issue of interest/concern or one that deals with your future career industry to you (ex: Sierra Club with the environment, Family Policy Council on social issues, NRA on gun control, Nurses, Educators, etc.). What are the SPECIFIC legislative objectives (bills they support/oppose) of each group (may use bullet points).


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