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Access Project


  You have recently been hired by Sharbaf and Associates, a small sized firm that offers consulting IT innovative services for the various industries. Your job is to create a database. The database should contain the following criteria information:


  1. At least three tables (primary key for each table)(20 points).
  2. At least 6 attributes (field) for the table 1, at least 5 attributes (field) for the table 2, and 3(10 points)
  3. Each table should have at least 10 records (10 points).
  4. Establish Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the tables(1:1, 1:M, and M:M)(20 points)
  5. Create forms for the tables.(10 points)
  6. Create a query for the tables (establish your criteria for each table)( 20 points).
  7. Create a report for the tables (10 points).


Hint: If you are using Microsoft Access, use the wizard to generate the queries.




Good Luck!


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