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Assignment # 5 Term Paper


Select a topic/subject you wish to write about.  Most of you framed your research question in Assignment # 4 Basic Management Research and annotated sources you plan to use in your paper.  Select a company or other organization you will apply the findings, conclusions, and content of source materials to.  This is your “case study” application of your reading.   You will be able to search the library databases for companies that meet your criteria.  Do the findings and conclusions of your research (reading) consistently apply to the company or organization you selected?  Were there differences between what you read and the application at the company or organization?  How do you explain the differences?  Were there subtle differences or significant differences?  How do you explain this?  Has the organization you selected gone beyond what was gleaned from your reading?  Why did the company/organization exceed what you might have expected based on your reading?  How do you explain this?  In other words your paper needs to be a solid presentation of the content you read and analysis of what you read and analysis of the application to your company/organization. 


Note your term paper must be in a Word document double spaced 10-12 pages using APA citation.  You need to use a title page with your name and include your Turnitin similarity score on your title page.


I would like to use APPLE as my company! 

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