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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/20/2016 12:00 am

TRS100 Theological Inquiry​​Date Due Nov.21​​                     Fall 2016

Areas from which to choose your topic :

These topics are taken from Weaver, p.95.  Choose one of the three.  You are responsible for finding and reading any related articles in the text.  You must then reflect and focus your topic to a main idea that you can develop in three pages.  It helps to think out a question that you will respond to in your essay.

• Theology in dialogue with the physical, biological or social sciences
• Christian Theology in dialogue among diverse Christian communities or non-Christian religions
• Theology in dialogue with visual arts, film, and music.


Plan your essay around a strong thesis sentence that guides the reader though the coherent and logical development of your topic.  A good argument paper takes a position but also shows awareness of other points of view.  Avoid simple summary or disconnected fragments. Make each paragraph develop your main point. Include supporting details, references to relevant texts, logical thinking.   Avoid sweeping generalizations.

• Although the assignment does not emphasize research. it does require careful reading of relevant texts. Paragraph by paragraph, supported your ideas by references and examples. If you choose a scriptural topic, be sure your Bible has good footnotes. Consult acommentary in the reference section of the library. 
• INTERNET SOURCES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR THIS PAPER. Sources must be properly cited using MLA guidelines.  In general, you should avoid long direct quotes.  If you must use one, follow MLA guidelines.
• Revise your paper to see that the writing is fluid and expresses your ideas clearly.  It helps to keep your audience in mind.   Many find it helpful to read their sentences aloud and also review a hard copy.
• Papers should be about three pages, double spaced.  Put your name, the class section, Topic and date on the front page.  Center the title. Do staple or clip pages. The professor is not responsible for stapling or tracking down your stray papers. Use the MLA guidelines for citations.  I will give you further instructions on how to submit it on line, but I also require a hard copy on the date due.
• The final copy is not a draft for further revision. I do not read papers prior to submission. You will be given opportunity for peer review, and I will discuss specific issues with you.  Plagiarism be reported and to the Academic Integrity Committee and will result in failure.  


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