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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/22/2016 09:00 pm

Social media revolves every single persons everyday life. It is used personally and professionally. There isn’t one thing going on in your daily life that doesn't revolve around technology and social media. It keeps you updated with everything that interests you and makes life faster and easier. Today people find themselves more likely to interact with an app than to interact with an actual person! With all that life has to offer, social media has even more and that is what our project will show you. Life is always evolving and apps are always updating, they go hand in hand.

so i want you to write 4 full pages on these three topics

- Business students can use social media to keep up with world wide companies

- Outsourcing: using social media/technology to advance a business 

- how Linked In help students and business to achieve their goals.

you can use sources and do some outside research.





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