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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/27/2016 12:00 am

Construct an essay (3-5 pages) on the topic "Is Global Climate Change Natural or Man-made?" by using the statements below as a guide.

Each statement represents the primary learning objective for the corresponding major heading within the chapter.

21.1 List the major parts of Earth's climate system and some connections between climate and geology.
21.2 Explain why unraveling past climate changes is important and discuss several ways in which such changes are detected.
21.3 Describe the composition of the atmosphere and Earth's atmosphere's vertical changes in pressure and temperature.
21.4 Outline the basic processes involved in heating the atmosphere.
21.5 Discuss hypotheses that relate to natural causes of climate change.
21.6 Summarize the nature and cause of the atmosphere's changing composition since about 1750 to present day; describe the climate’s response to the changes.
21.7 Contrast positive-feedback and negative-feedback mechanisms and provide examples of each mechanism.
21.8 Discuss several likely consequences of global warming.


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