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Students must both address the Discussion Forum issue(s), as well as comment on the posts of a minimum two of their classmates to adequately complete the assignment. There is no minimum or maximum length as long as all the issues are fully addressed.



Computer Crimes


Before completing the discussion forum assignment, watch the following videos and read the debate piece:


The Pirate Bay: Away From Keyboard

Should You Be Concerned With the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (CISA)?

U.S. Government Releases Final Guidelines on CISA

Have you ever shared files (music, video) with others on via the internet?  Have you ever used The Pirate Bay or similar sites to download content?  If so, which ones?  Do you consider yourself a criminal for doing so? Why? Why not?  What are the goals of CISA?  What are the criticisms?  What are your feelings regarding CISA? 


Answers from classmates to comment on:


1-Well, the closest that I got to be a cybercriminal was when I used Napter back in 1999. Napster launched, and, at the time, I thought it was the greatest invention in the history of the universe. You mean I can download a prank phone calls or any song from your favorite artist. I was unfamiliar with copyright laws of the music industry, it was like finding buried treasure over and over again. No longer would my friends and I have to spend most of our allowance just to hear one song on one album, no longer would we have to beg my parents to drive me to the music store to get my favorite music, no longer would we have to futz with those impossibly difficult stickers attached to the outside of CDs that made you want to throw the entire thing against a wall. At that time. I was naïve and clueless on regards on what I was doing. 15 years later I understand the impact of Napster had on the music industry. Napster changed the music history forever, as well as the copyright laws as to cyber security as well.


2-I will be the first to admit that I have always downloaded music and movies illegally. It was up until this year that I subscribed to apple music because I figured I didn't have any more free time to be looking for free music. I have never shared music. I have used The Pirate Bay to download complete albums and movies. I remember since I was 11 or 12 years old using Limewire to download free songs. A few years after, Limewire was caught and shut down. Afterwards, I would just use YouTube videos and look for websites to convert the videos to mp3s and put them straight into my music gallery. I do not believe I am a criminal because I did not do this in a way to hurt or steal from anyone. Music is expensive and if I had to pay $1 for every song I liked, these artists would make me homeless. I'm sure these artist make music with or without me buying their albums. They sell out arenas and go on million dollar tours. So, why should I feel bad for technically "stealing" from someone who makes millions of dollars every year when I barely break 30k a year? The goals on the CISA is to constantly watch us and look for strange activity. I'm pretty sure if they arrested everyone who downloaded music and movies illegally, the entire population would be incarcerated. The CISA looks into our convos and internet browsing. The criticism is that there are no boundaries or privacy. I agree with this theory, but at the same time, I understand why the U.S. has to have precautions especially with all the terrorism that we've gone through the last few years. I've never had any problems with the CISA and I have nothing to hide. As far as I am concerned, they may keep searching my computers because there is nothing to find.


3- I have never used pirate bay and really didn’t know what it was until now. But, now that I know about it, I will be using it to download music onto my phone. I would not consider myself a criminal for doing this. I do not believe it’s a bad thing to download music. If you can do it why not. I think most corporations came up with the idea that its “stealing” because you didn’t purchase it.  To me It’s just a copy of their product. They still have their product, and the internet is a free for all. If you put somthing on the net its bound to have people who will copy it, or download it. now once you start making a profit off of it then you should reap the penalties. 

The CISA (Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015) aimed at reinforcing public and private sector cybersecurity. Their goals are to detect, prevent, or mitigate cybersecurity threats or security vulnerabilities, private entities may monitor and operate defensive measures on: (1) their own information systems; and (2) with written consent, the information systems of other private or government entities.  The majority of criticisms against the CISA is mainly invading privacy. Many feel the CISA is a way for the government to invade people’s privacy. I personally am for the improvement of cybersecurity to stop any types of crimes related to the internet.


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