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General IT Services in the Cloud
Mon, 11/28/16
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Key Assignment Section 2: Software as a Service (SaaS) and Identity as a Service (IDaaS) Plan

The presentation to the executive leadership went well, and the chief information officer (CIO) is looking to you again. He wants to start small and look at basic information technology (IT) services from a SaaS and IDaaS perspective. Complete the following:

  • Identify at least 2 SaaS providers that can provide services for basic office administration and collaboration functions like Web mail, messaging, document sharing, and project management. 
  • Identify at least 2 IDaaS providers that may be used to provide identity services for the existing on-premise services (human resources and supply chain) and possibly the soon-to-be-hosted SaaS solution, which will provide for basic office administration and collaboration functions. 
  • Once you have identified the SaaS and IDaaS providers, provide some analysis on their offerings and advantages. Finally, provide a high-level plan for migration that includes the tasks to be done, risks with risk mitigation, and risk management

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Jamsa, Chapters 2, 5, 7, 13


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