Project #155170 - Religion Paper Final

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/03/2016 12:00 am

3-5 PAGE RESEARCH PAPER (APA format): undocumented Syrian refugee children, those with no parents. 

The paper should cover… Where are these children going?  What's happening to them?  What are religious organizations doing to helping, what does the Pope have to say about their situation and is he directing the church to help?

 The paper needs to have at least five different sources.  Sources can be hardcopy or internet books, journal articles, substantial magazine articles, or internet sites. 

Students can use their article reviews as sources for the final paper.

PLEASE NOTE:  This assignment in no way promotes a particular religion.  The student’s chosen religion is meant to serve as an objective guide for reflection. You are welcome to write your paper from the perspective of the religion of your choice. You can choose more than one religion or you can write from a non-religious perspective


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