Project #155191 - Ford Fiesta Case Study - 5 Page Marketing Analysis Paper

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/21/2016 09:00 pm

Read the attached case study and critically examine the key issues and recommend a course of action. Do not summarize information from the case study. Rather, purely analyze the issues. View this as a marketing consulting engagement. The paper should be a written recommendation to Chantal Lenard, taking into consideration the situation, campaign, campaign performance, goals, etc. Consider recommendations that are cost-effective and appropriate to the marketing challenge and time (short-term or long-term) of the problem at hand.


Review the below questions as they are the basis for the case write-up. However, do not simply answer the questions. Questions are just to get you to think about the major issues. Rather, in analyzing the case, adopt the perspective of a consultant who has been hired by the company to advise it on the problem at hand. Stitch together arguments in a smooth way in your write-up. Be sure to use data from the case to support your arguments.


Paper should be 5 pages in 11.5 point font. Suggested format for the paper is to begin with a short one paragraph executive summary that highlights the major issues in the case and clearly states recommendations. The remainder of the write-up should present in greater detail the analyses which supports your conclusions.  Please attach exhibits to support the write-up where possible. Exhibits do not count toward the 5 page paper.




1.       Appraise Ford’s marketing strategy for the Fiesta in the United States against the challenges it seeks to overcome. What social media strategies have been employed?


2.       What is the marketing challenge Ford Fiesta is solving with the campaign? What part of the customer journey has the Ford Fiesta campaign been designed to impact?


3.       Is the campaign under control? What are the controls?


4.       Are you satisfied with the reach of the campaign?



5.       What is your advice to Chantal Lenard? Stay the course or make material changes? 


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