Project #155196 - Competitive Sales Strategies - Analysis and Responses to 4 Questions

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/21/2016 11:00 pm

Read the attached article and answer the 4 questions listed below. This is for a Sales course, so analysis should be tailored accordingly. 

Responses to questions should be detailed and should be analytical. The responses should not be purely repeated facts from the article.

The responses to these questions may depend on your understanding of competitive sales techniques. Please visit this link to understand the various methods - In addition, look up the “Niche” and “Coexist” strategies.

Total work should be a minimum of 4 pages. 

1. How would you assess the opportunity on August 1 if you were Fox? Use an appropriate assessment technique.

2. What was NBC’s competitive strategy? What was its class? How did it execute it? What specifically did it do that enabled it to win?

3. What was Fox’s competitive strategy? Was this appropriate? If not, what should it have done? Could it have effectively utilized NBC’s strategy class? Comment on the potential effectiveness/difficulties.


4. What ethical questions does this article raise? What could the International Olympic Committee have done to minimize the possibility of lingering “accusations?” 


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