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Read the following scenario and follow the directions. The Evaluation Tool for how you will be assessed is attached. When finished, submit your assignment to the appropriate area.


Cicero agreed to teach a student law under the following conditions: the student would pay the first half of the fee at the beginning of the course, and the second half after he won his first case.  However, following the completion of the course of study the student did not begin practicing law.  Cicero suspected he was reneging on the second half of the fee, so he sued him in court

Cicero argued that if the court decided in his favor, the student should pay him, and if the court decided against him, the student had won his first case and should pay him.

The student argued, however, that if the court decided in his favor, he should     not have to pay, and it the court found against him, he had not won his first case and should not have to pay (Porter,2002).

Porter, B.F. (2002). The Voice of Reason, Fundamentals of Critical Thinking. New York: Oxford University Press.


Discuss the two sides in this scenario, then choose one of them and justify your position. There is no set minimum amount of writing; however, there is a one page maximum.


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