Project #155250 - ATM banking behavior in Saudi Arabia

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Due By (Pacific Time) 30/11/2016

im an undergraduate student in finance major. i need someone to write my dissertation project in finance field. the topic i have chosen is " ATM banking behavior in Saudi Arabia" it supposed to be in Saudi Arabia area and i prefer if someone has an experince in writing projects for Saudi's University. it should be from 25 to 30 pages include all the details in the guidelines. 6000 word i also need someone to send me each part of writing before he finish the complete project such as sending the intoduction when it is completed so i can revise it with my college professor to check it and correct it if there are any comments. i need someone who i can contact with easily to explain to me the project so i can present it to professors, and to edit any mistakes. ill attach the guidelines and the proposal of my dissertation.


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