Project #155288 - Current issues in Personal Health Records and HIPPA

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I have a research Paper that is more then half way done. Ive been struggling with the whole research part and Ive been trying to figure out how to put in articles in without plaigiarism. I would like you to review it and try to finish up the rest of the paper. The paper should be 15 pages in length. I left off at the ethical issues part. Please review the paper and see if it is APA and if anything should be added from what I have written before. Feel free to add more references. Thank you. 


·      Introduction of Healthcare informatics

·      Background information     

o   Implementing EHR

o   Patient Health Records

o   Patients/caregivers access to Health Records


·      Issues facing Patient privacy

o   Barriers for adapting to EHR by physicians

o   Ethical Issues

o   Legal issues

·      HIPPA

o   Privacy

o   Security

o   Confidentiality

·      Conclusion



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