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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/23/2016 12:00 am

Scenario: A small high school has generally begun graduation ceremonies with prayer. The valedictorian is typically the student who delivers the prayer; however, this year’s valedictorian has announced that she finds the custom offensive and opposes any prayer at graduation. The members of the senior class met and voted (by a majority of 65 to 27) to continue the prayer tradition and elected a class chaplain to deliver the prayer. The principal has noted that students, not the school, are in charge of graduation ceremonies. You are now the principal. While some parents support the students’ actions, some are very upset, and, in fact, the ACLU has contacted the district threatening a suit saying there was a violation of church and state. Prepare a response from the point of view of the principal. Be sure to consider the Lemon test, the students’ rights to free speech as protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution, and any other legal or cultural issues that apply. Then, comment on, ask probing questions about, or respectfully challenge at least two of your colleague students’ responses to this situation..

Please read it..3 citation references on the test... and 250 words..


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