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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/21/2016 09:00 pm

Please review the Cece and Bobby scenario (again!) and create 10 questions (open ended!!) on one specific priority area that will help you safety plan with Cece.  I then want you to write 2 pages on what priorities you identified for Cece, the issues that are most concerning to you, and creative ideas to help her deal with some of the threats she is facing.  From the reading on services in Jane Doe, Northnode and Listening to Battered Women, please identify 2 services that may assist Cece in her safety plan.  Explain the value and risks associated with each service for Cece.  This writing piece will both be used in class and handed in.  In general, your job is to help HER make her life safer.  Please do the reading listed below.


remmber this class is domstic vilonce 


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