Project #155403 - Human Resources- Employee & Labor Relations Short Paper

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Assume you are an external consultant hired to provide executive level management a concise report about labor relations within the major retail company Nordstrom.


Discuss:  How well does it manage its labor/employee relations? What role does labor have in the organization’s product/service?  Given the nature of its operation and publicly-stated strategic plan, what are the key employee and labor relations issues?  In other words, if you were its Director of Employee and Labor Relations, what would your focus be?  Analyze its strengths and weaknesses in managing its labor/employee relations. Both labor’s and management’s points of view must be included. Explain what role unions have or are trying to have in this organization. Please follow APA guidelines for citations, quotations, and references, and use at least five scholarly resources that are dated within the last five years. no plagiarism cite all sources  

5 or 6 double-spaced pages, not including the title page and reference list).  You’ll need between 15-20 sources. Scholarly sources from academic libraries should dominate your research. 


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