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Complete the following essay quiz.  You can use any resource but your answers must be your own. (6 points each)


1.  You are a physician in an ER.  Mrs. Johnson is having some problems breathing.  The doctor decided to measure her lung volumes. The doctor asks her to inhale and exhale normally and take a deep breath as he measure the amount of air.  What do each of those tells the doctor?  What can he not determine directly? 


2.  Describe how both oxygen and carbon dioxide are delivered.  What factors affect the binding of hemoglobin to oxygen?  What are other ways that carbon dioxide is delivered?


3.  You decide to begin running and you notice that you are breathing more.  What were the signals to your brain that changed your breathing rate?  Where are the breathing centers of your brain?


4.  Describe what is happening in the kidneys in the following structures


a.  The glomerulus


b.  proximal convoluted tubules.


c.  the descending and ascending tubules 


d.  distal convoluted tubules. 


5.  We talked a lot about different hormones.  Define the role of the following hormones in the urinary system

a.  Antidiuretic hormone (ADH)

b.  Aldosterone

c.  Renin

d.  Angiotensin II


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