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follow this instruction

I.               Stay in touch  

A.   World news

1. petrol 

2. sport

3. crimes

B.    Communicate with others

1.     Social media


II.             Education

A.   E-learning

1. YouTube


B.    Expand people’s culture

1.     People belief


III.           Entertainment

C.    Spending free time 

1. Games

2. watching movies


IV.          Business

A.   Show products

B.    Advertising

C.    Advertising   

IIV conclusion 

Edit this introduction and write 1000 words reasearch paper

Social Networks
Are social networks good for society? Most people belief that it is good for them because of the value and the advantages that it provides. It is evident that social networks are good for society because they help people staying in touch, educate people on a variety of topics, provide entertain mental and help businesses in succeed. Being careful while using the social networks is also required because of the different kinds of crimes that emerge at the recent years which are increasing by the days. 

Edit this introduction and write 1100 words 

try to use this work cited

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