Project #155467 - Literary analysis Essay (is the author of the great gatsby homosexual)

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I am writting a critical lense essay to prove that f scott fitzgerald the author of the great gatsby is homosexual. I have constructed most of the essay and need to someone to write paragraph 3 and 4. 

paragraph 3 is about the history of gays during the 1920's and how they were views 

·      Review how people viewed homosecuality in the 1920’s

·      Find out about how people hid it and how writing could be a way

·      Would people not buy the book if they found out fitzgerald was gay?)

This should be beefed up with lots of credible sources. A quote anyalis not just chunks of quotes. please cite correct "(author page number) MLA

Please embed the quotes in the text as if it is your own voice. 


Paragraph 4 should be about ·      Fizgerald’s sexuality

·      How did he grow up?

·      Fitzgeralds background and bio

·      Was fitzgerald married? Did he have kids?

·      What was his views on homosexuality?


This should also have lots of credible sources 

Times new roman double spaced

WOuld be ideal if these 2 paragrpahs took up almost 3 pages...


I will attach what i have so far with the structure. 


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